Thursday, 26 April 2007

Imaging wounds in context

It is important for the crime scene investigator or forensic photographer to understand the appearance of different wound types, their significance and the implications for the technical aspects surrounding the lighting and composition, for effective demonstration and recording.
For an introduction to wound morphology, see forensic medicine for medical students.

Book review

There are few (but gradually increasing) books dedicated to Forensic Photography. Redsicker is sometimes regarded as the "standard" text, but in my view it was dissapointing and poorly illustrated - particularly as quality of imaging is key to effective Forensic practice. Read the full review at

New Forensic Imaging Blog

Welcome to this new blog dedicated to all aspects of Forensic Imaging. Although Forensic Science is well catered for on the web, Forensic Imaging is not so well represented. This blog will aim to promote discussion and interest in this diverse and exciting field, drawing on the professional literature and web-based resources.

Contributions from other professionals in the field are greatfully recieved, as a sharing of information can only enhance the progression of knowledge and skills - which is at the core of continuing professional development.